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At Bashasha & Co Advocates, we specialize in Multi-Jurisdictional practice of law. This is currently In Kenya and Uganda with prospects of expanding further to the rest of the East African community.

We believe in the quality of our lawyers and the unity of our team. We recognise that the firm is only a product of the talent and ability of its people.

In today's rapidly evolving business and technology environment, delivering the very best legal services requires more than excellent legal representation.

At Bashasha & Co. Advocates, we deliver superior value by combining excellent legal council with the systematic application of business processes and the best legal technology tools available.

We understand that properly structured and well-drafted transaction documents may have a significant impact on the value of your business and we approach every transaction with this in mind.


To achieve the best possible outcome for you. We combine our legal acumen and business savvy with your business goals to structure and draft and negotiate transactions and achieve the best possible outcome for you in light of your unique circumstance and goals. In the end, we always have your best interests at heart.

We understand that you want you want answers and advice, not just analysis and we deliver our services in a straight forward, actionable manner. We believe this pragmatic approach to practice of law gives you better results. We also enjoy the flexibility of offering creative fee arrangements in appropriate matters, including the sharing of risk.

Bashasha & Co. Advocates possesses the necessary technical expertise and access to extensive resources for effective transaction management with the capacity to impel and work within transaction time frames. We believe our partner-led teams, picked to meet the specific requirements of our clients, coupled with our positive drive to make things work, facilitate swift and efficient resolution of issues.

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